COVID Level 3 Lockdown Permits

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Assistance with CIPC Certificates for Registered Businesses and Category Permits for non-registered Businesses and pertinent Individuals falling into the Essential Services Categories

Bear in mind CIPC Certificate holders still require individual permits for their employees and staff.  The ability to download a CIPC Certificate also does not automatically mean you qualify as an Essential Service; but that you have declared to be an Essential Service.   Not everyone in possession of a CIPC Certificate can be automatically deemed as having made a true declaration to obtain same.

We provide assistance to *Registered and *Non-Registered Business who qualify as Essential Service providers and to *Individuals requiring Permits for Residential Moving (valid till 07th June) and *Parents requiring permits for movement of minors per Parental Plans or for once-off moves to co-parent. *Business Air Travel Permits
False declarations may lead to legal consequences.    We therefore ensure that we follow due diligence in every matter to ensure the person or business meets qualifying criteria and can be vouched for.

Covid Compliance Services

Are you a Small Business and in need of a Covid Compliance Officer? We offer Covid Compliance services and provide this function to small businesses who cannot afford to have a full time Covid Compliance Officer on site.
We attend to: Covid Workplace Plans, Compliance Regulation Checklists, Covid Workplace Permits, Signage, Administrative Controls, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) monitoring, and Fogging or Deep Cleaning arrangements where and when required, with certification.

Paralegal Services

Qualified and skilled Legal Counsel, Senior Paralegal, Global Compliance Officer, Commissioner of Oaths, Tender Specialist and Graphic Designer with over 30 years business experience to attend to all matters

Business Services

We provide a wide and varied range of Business Services through Paralegal Projects, including additional extensive services through collaboration with trusted suppliers and subcontractors

Social Media & Marketing

Social Media Posts, Social Media, Bulk Mailing and Messaging Management, Client Newsletter Management. Digital Marketing and Analytics

Graphic Design

Graphic Design, Websites, Logos, Business Emails, Image Alternations, Digital Works, Business Branding, Sound & Video and Post-Production

Registrations and Company Compliance

Tax Clearance

We are fully SARS compliant. Our Tax Clearance Certificate and PIN for Tenders and Good Standing are available on request and expired on the 14th January 2021

CSD Registration

We are fully CSD Registered and compliant and can provide our MAAA and Unique numbers on request

BEE Compliant

We are a Level 4 EME and 100% Woman-owned. BBB-EE Certificate available on request. Expires: 08 May 2021

Commissioner of Oaths

We are registered with the Justice Department as Commissioner of Oaths

CIPC Registration

We are fully compliant with CIPC, including the submission of Annual Returns for 2020